The Packsack Project

The Crane and its Impact on Culture & Crops

April 14, 2022 SSMIC/RAIN & NORDIK Institute Season 1 Episode 2
The Packsack Project
The Crane and its Impact on Culture & Crops
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Over the next two episodes we're looking at the impact that Sandhill cranes are having on agriculture, and the important cultural role they've had for Indigenous peoples. We will hear about the perspectives on the impact that cranes have had and are currently having. 

Who we spoke to:
- Chief Dean Sayers, Batchewana First Nation 
- Christopher Sharp, Population Management Biologist with the Canadian Wildlife Service 
- Justin Gaudet, Owner of Valley Growers 

Through this dialogue, we'll explore the strategies that researchers and farmers have come up with to mitigate their impacts on the agricultural sector. Along the way, we'll get a better understanding of the crane's larger impact on the region and the people who call it home. 

Chief Dean Sayers shares the Crane's significance
Christopher Sharp shares his observation on Cranes in N. Ontario
Research on Eastern Population of Sandhill Cranes Impacts on Agriculture
Observations of Crane abundance
Growing potatoes in Sudbury with Justin Gaudet
Justin Gaudet shares the impacts of Cranes on potatoes
Preview of the next episode